Organization Korea Association of Construction Engineering & Management

Work Contents of Each Post of duty

      Management Bureau

      Planning & Management Dept.
      Planning Management Office operates the general assembly, board meeting, Committee of Ethics, audit, and manages business planning,
      adjustment of budgeting, regulations, Government prizes, and also administrations such as supporting HR and welfare of employees and
      contracting & office management, and accounting & budgeting.
      Membership support Dept.
      Registration guide of construction engineering company, service performance and administrative measure management, issue of certificate.
      Operation and comprehensive management of Construction Engineering Management System(CEMS)

      Policy Bureau

      Policy & Promotion Dept.
      Improvement of construction project management-related laws and regulations, construction technique-related jobs (guidelines, cost standard), collection and
      provision of tender information, construction project management technical study and organizing seminar, debate, operation of civil engineering CM association,
      architecture CM association, construction inspection association, and legislation committee. Publishing newsletter and web magazine through the internal and
      external public affairs to contribute to the empowerment of the KACEM.
      Construction Technology Dept.
      Research services, surveying salary of construction engineers, establishment of overseas market expansion strategy, supporting KACEM members to work overseas.
      Improvement of design related law and regulation, support for design standards, development of new construction technology (civil engineering BIM), and
      supporting expansion of overseas market (business with North Korea, ).
      Educational Research Center(Dept.)
      Establishing training schedule thru analyzing educational NEEDS. Train professional construction engineers thru development of
      practical curriculum & manuals, manages online education systems and conducts research on how to improve the National Competency Standards(NCS).