Purpose of Establishment/History Korea Association of Construction Engineering & Management

Purpose of Establishment/History

      Purpose of Establishment

      Basis of Establishment
      Construction Technology Promotion Act 69 (promulgating as Item 11794 on May 22, 2013)
      (Old Construction Technology Management Act 32-2, promulgating as Item 4562 on June 11, 1993)
      Purpose of Establishment
      To contribute to the public interest by promoting the "maintenance of dignity, the protection of rights and interests, the mutual cooperation"of construction engineering companies and their technicians.


      • 7th Oct 2021

        The board of directors approved the amendment to the articles of association for the change of the KOR name of the association

      • 29th Oct 2021

        An extraordinary general meeting of the articles of association amendment to change the KOR name of the association was approved

      • 10th Nov 2021

        Change of association name approved by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Only the name of Korean)

      • 2nd May 2014

        Approval of change of name and article of association for amendment of Construction Technology Promotion Act

      • 15th May 2014

        Associated general meeting for former KCA & EKCCA

      • 23rd May 2014

        Establishing KACEM (Korea Association of Construction Engineering & Management)

      • 23rd May 2013

        Amendment of Construction Technology Promotion Act

      • 30th Apr 2009

        Construction supervision mutual-aid business approval (The Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affair)

      • 1st July 2009

        Beginning duty of construction supervision mutual-aid association

      • 17th June, 1999

        Designating statistical drawing up agency (The Commissioner of Statistics Korea)

      • 18th Dec., 1999

        Moving it to Dogok 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and opening the KCA Hall

      • 30th Dec., 1997

        The confirmation of Educational Institution specialized in supervision (The Minister of Construction and Transportation)

      • 28th Nov., 1995

        Moving KCA office to Hyun-Juk Building, Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.

      • 10th Jan., 1994

        The confirmation of establishment of KCA.(The Minister of Construction)

      • 5th Nov., 1993

        The inaugural meeting of KCA

      • 6th Nov., 1993

        Starting the businesses of KCA.(Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul)